Leasing land for hunting purposes is a common practice in the Southeastern United States; however, it is a relatively new concept here in the Northeast.  Due to increased posting of private lands, hunting enthusiasts are finding it difficult to locate property where hunting is allowed.  Therefore, many hunters are forming organizations that lease lands with exclusive hunting rights.  While hunting leases are not the "norm" in the Northeast at this time, it is simply a matter of time.  It is not a matter of "if", but is a matter of "when".

Hunting Leases

pay the landowner

on average


$2.00 and $7.00

per acre...

Property owners are discovering that in most cases, it is advantageous to lease their lands to these hunting organizations.  Hunting leases pay the landowner on average between $2.00 and $7.00 per acre, which provides an income to the landowner that can be applied to property taxes.  Just as importantly to most landowners, the lessees police the property and take a vested interest in how the property is treated.  As part of the lease, most organizations post the land and maintain the posting on an annual basis.  Lease organizations also honor the wishes of the landowner and are courteous hunters. They understand that the lease can be revoked at any time, and they do not want to be the reason for a lost hunting lease that will affect a number of individuals.

Hunting leases can contain as many limitations as the owner desires.  For example, a landowner may be an avid grouse hunter, but not a deer hunter.  Therefore, the lease could be for deer hunting only in order to allow the landowner the opportunity to generate an income from a lease, while maintaining exclusive grouse hunting rights.  The lease could also dictate location and date limits on hunting.

NEFCo is exploring the concept of forming a co-operative hunting lease program for our clients.  While many of the details need to be formulated, the basic concept is to pool multiple parcels that have similar lease parameters and market these hunting leases to various hunting organizations.  In order to get a sense of the level of interest in such a program, NEFCo is asking that any interested party fill out the Information Request Card located within this newsletter and return it to us.  In order for us to know that you are interested in the hunting lease program, please check the "other" box on the card and write in "Hunting Lease". After we have received the Information Request Card and consolidated the participating parcels, we will contact you with the specifics of the program, as well as offer you the opportunity to participate.  The Information Request Card will not be used as an authorization to proceed, but it is simply being used to gauge a level of interest.  Even if you are leaning towards not participating, but would like to know more about the specifics of the program, please submit the Information Request Card.           

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